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XADO Other Products

We don't only stock oils, fluids and XADO nano tech additives, we also stock all sorts of other premium automotive cleaners and chemicals,

We stock: petrol & diesel injector cleaner, petrol octane booster, spary lubricants, grease, engine degeasers and cleaners as well as engine and gearbox, transmission and engine stop leak products under the XADO, Atomex and Very-Lube brands.

All of the products we stock are premium car care products, they are not cheap "will just do" products, our automotive care products work!

  • Atomex Energy Drive octane Booster

    Atomex Energy Drive Octane Booster

    Ultra High Performance XADO Product This XADO product has been specially developed to boost octane in petrol powered cars. Atomex Energy Drive is a high-performance product that provides a complex solution for achieving maximum engine power through...

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  • Atomex Engine Stop Leak

    ATOMEX Engine Stop Leak

    ATOMEX Stop Leak Engine Engine stop leak oil additive, very high performance European premium product made by XADO that really works! Stops oil leaks from engine seals and prevents it's re-occurrence Restores the elasticity of rubber gaskets &...

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  • Atomex Multi Petrol Injector Fuel Cleaner

    Atomex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner. No matter how well your vehicle is maintained, even under normal operating conditions the fuel system and fuel injectors can get contaminated with deposits. These deposits reduce engine power, increases fuel...

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  • AtomEX Total Engine Flush

    ATOMEX Total Engine Flush

    Atomex Engine Flush.. XA40613 Cleans & protects oil systems while helping to anti-carbon piston ring groves, this is a gentle and very effective pour-and-go engine cleaner that safely dissolves sludge and varnish in engines, can also be safely used...

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  • Jet-100 Engine stop leak

    Jet-100 Engine Stop Leak

    Jet-100 Engine Stop Leak XB41095 Great product made by XADO, it works! Fully synthetic product. Effectively stops engine rubber oil seals weeping and leaking, will not dilute or change engine oil viscosity and will not damage internal engine...

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  • Jet-100 radiator and cooling system flush

    Jet-100 Radiator Flush

    Jet-100 Radiator Flush XB40094 Another high performance product made by XADO.. A simple and efficient radiator flush that does a great job of cleaning the entire cooling system in all motor vehicles. Non caustic and non corrosive so will not damage...

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  • Mottec Chain grease made by XADO

    MOTTEC Universal Chain Grease

    Mottec Chain Grease 150ml Aerosol Made by XADO, effectively greases chains, contains revitalizant to help combat wear Great for Bikes, Scooters and Motor Cycle chains Works on Chain saws Contains XADO revitalizant for wear protection Contains...

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  • Very Lube Ultra Petrol Injector Cleaner

    Very Lube Ultra PETROL Injector cleaner XB30004 This is a very high quality Xado product which is great for petrol fuel injected and carburetted engines… Removes deposits from petrol fuel injectors and carburetor jets Keeps fuel...

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  • Very Lube Brake cleaner

    Very-Lube Brake Cleaner

    VeryLube Brake Cleaner Made by XADO, this Brake cleaner works very well, safe for brake rubber seals. Advantages Powerful pressurised can to get the spray to hard to get places Removes dust, grease and other brake contaminants Can also be used to...

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  • Very Lube Engine Degreaser

    Very-Lube Engine Degreaser

    VeryLube Engine Degreaser Quality product made by XADO and available from us Powerful pressurised can to get the spray to hard to get places, removes dust, grease, oil and other contaminants from the engine and engine bay area, also suitable for spot...

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  • Very-Lube Professional Penetrating Oil

    Very-Lube Profesional grade Lubricating penetrating Oil 500ml Aerosol Made by XADO Proffesional use high performance lubricating penetrating oil. Un-sticks rusted bolts and hinges stops squeaks and squels can remove tar spots from...

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  • Very Lube Petrol Octane Booster

    Verylube Petrol Octane Booster

    VERYLUBE Petrol Ocatane Booster High performance Petrol fuel octane Booster made by XADO, simply pour into your fuel tank before filling. One 250ml can is enough for 60-liters of fuel. Can increase octane rating by 5~6 units Eliminates detonation...

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