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XADO make one of the best range of high performance automotive oils available on the market today.

Xado is NOT an economy brand so if you want a cheap motor oil that only just gets the job done then XADO is not the product for you.

But lets face facts, oil is the most critical fluid you add to your engine, you need it to be the best that you can afford, you need your engine oil to protect and enhance your vehicles engine, you need reliability, performance and value for money.

XADO premium engine oils meet and exceed eveything you need, all the time. 

XADO makes an engine oil that's right for your car from mineral, semi synthetic to fully synthetic we stock the range for petrol and diesel engines.

Made in Holland to the highest European standards and now available in New Zealand from us.

  • Xado Atomic Oil 10w-30 SL/CF

    Xado Atomic Oil 10W-30 SL/CF XA20311 A very High-quality easy-flowing MINERAL motor oil. Contains Atomic Revitalizant, nano-technology that helps restore and maintain your cars engine at its peak! Features: Xado 10w-30 exceeds the requirements of...

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  • Xado Atomic 4-stroke oil 10w-40

    Xado Atomic Oil 10W-40 4T-MA 4-Stroke

    Xado Atomic 4-stroke Oil 4T-MA 10w-40 Super synthetic XADO oil for four stroke engines. Suitable for 4-stroke engines in motorycles, scooters etc Specially designed by XADO for modern water or air cooled high performance engines Suitable for...

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  • Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 CI-4 Diesel

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 CI-4 Diesel

    Xado Diesel Engine Oil 10W-40 CI-4 Top-grade semi-synthetic oil for diesel engines in passenger cars as well as heavy and light duty trucks Contains Xado’s famous Revitalizant! Advantages Specially designed by Xado for diesel...

    NZ$79.95 NZ$19.95
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  • XADO 10w-40 Engine Oil

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 SL/CI-4 Max Drive

    XADO Atomic Oil 10w-40 SL/CI-4 Max Drive  A Super Semi-synthetic Ultra Premium XADO Atomic engine oil with extreme high performance properties, contains XADO revitalizant so it effectively adds a special anti wear layer that helps reduce friction...

    NZ$64.95 NZ$59.95
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  • Xado Atomic Oil 10w-60 Synthetic

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-60 Rally Sport

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 10W-60 Rally Sport Top grade Xado synthetic SL ultra high performance racing motor oil Contains Revitalizant! Advantages: Specially developed by Xado for extreme operational conditions during rallies, track and road...

    NZ$99.95 NZ$79.95
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  • Xado Atomic Oil 15w-40 CI-4 diesel 4-Liter

    Xado Atomic Oil 15w-40 CI-4 Diesel

    Xado 15w-40 CI-4 Diesel High performance superior XADO mineral oil specially formulated for diesel cars and trucks. premium diesel engine oil that more than meets the demands of diesel engines that require a CF or CI-4 rated turbo tested oil for diesel...

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  • Xado Atomic Oil 15w-40 SL/CI-4 Road Drive

    Xado Atomic Oil 15w-40 SL/CI-4 Road Drive

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 15W-40 SL/CI-4 Road Drive Universal XADO mineral motor oil with high performance properties. Contains Xado’s famous Revitalizant Advantages: This is a universal grade oil that reliably protects various engines in...

    NZ$62.95 NZ$19.95
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  • Xado 2T 2-stroke synthetic oil

    Xado Atomic Oil 2T-FC 2-Stroke

    Xado 2-Stroke Engine Oil 2T-FC High performance XADO 100% fully synthetic 2 stroke ultra high performance engine oil. You won't find anything better for use with all 50:1 2-stroke engines   Specially designed by Xado for high performance 2...

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  • Xado Atomic Oil 4T-MA 10W-60

    Xado Atomic Oil 4T-MA 10w-60 4-Stroke

    Xado 4-stroke Engine oil 10w-60 4T-MA  Ultra high performance 4-stroke engine oil Specially designed for modern high reving air and water cooled motorcycles High viscousity for extra strength oil film Very low consumption formula Contains...

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  • Xado Atomic Oil 5w-30 SM/CF

    Xado Atomic Oil 5w-30 SM/CF Nova Drive

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 5W-30 SM/CF Nova Drive Ultra modern easy flowing synthetic motor oil Contains Xado’s famous revitalizant Advantages: This XADO oil has the highest American specification of engine oils for petrol engines API-SM, it is...

    NZ$72.95 NZ$24.95
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  • Xado 5w-40 SM/CF Eco-Drive 5-Liter

    Xado Atomic Oil 5w-40 SM/CF 5-Liter

    Xado Atomic Oil 5W-40 SM/CF  Ultramodern XADO synthetic motor oil API SM Contains Atomic Revitalizant. Xado Atomic Oil 5W-40 SM/CF is a multi grade synthetic motor oil of extra high quality. The oil is formulated with mid SAPS technology (mid...

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  • XADO Atomic Oil 5w-50 SL/CF

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 5W-50 SL/CF Street Racing Full synthetic motor oil with excellent performance level Contains Atomic Revitalizant. Xado Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF is a multi-grade fully synthetic motor oil for engines operating under...

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