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XADO Nano Tech

XADO has the best in nano-tech solutions of oil additives for your car, truck, Van or any other petrol or diesel powered vehicle or machine.

The difference with XADO nano tech additives is the unique revitalizant effect, an additive that is in every XADO product that ensures anti wear and restorative properties throughout the entire range of specialist engine and mechanical products.

If your vehicles engine is running rough, transmission noisy or shuddering and is generally worn or harsh then the XADO product range is for you.

So take a look through the XADO range of nano-tech products, there's a great product that's just right for every application.

If you are not sure about a XADO product just contact us and we will be very happy to point you in the right direction!

  • VeryLube TURBO Metal Conditioner

    VERYLUBE Metal Conditioner for TURBO engines! VERYLUBE TURBO metal conditioner is specially designed for use in turbo charged and supercharged petrol or diesel combustion engines. it is a fully synthetic concentrated multi component product, formulated...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Gearbox

    Xado for larger Manual gearboxes. Brilliant in trucks, campers, tractors, diggers etc Xado nano-technology at it's best and available from us online or from our walk in store in Onehunga New Zealand. Advantages Restores, protects and strengthens...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Magnum 90ml for Trucks

    XADO 1-Stage for Trucks Premium Xado Gel-Revitalizant for diesel trucks designed for restoring and repairing engine internals and wear prevention.  Easily applied, just squeeze contents into the oil filler of the engine, no need to change oil,...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Maximum

    Premium TOP OF THE RANGE product by Xado This is a revolutionary ALL IN ONE three stage engine oil treatment that rebuilds metal, reduces friction, and lubricates engine parts. Maximum 1-Stage oil additive contains 100% (RF100) of the active nano...

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  • Xado 1-Stage Maximum SUV

    XADO 1-Stage Maximum SUV

    Xado 1-Stage MAXIMUM SUV! This is the BIG 360ml bottle specially developed for larger engines that hold up to 10-litres of engine oil. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines! A multifunctional premium XADO oil additive with no mess or waste...

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  • Trade 10-Pack super saver!

    XADO EX120 for Automatic Transmissions

    XADO EX120 for Auto Trans This is the Xado product you need of you have a Honda Fit, Honda Jazz or Honda Civic CVT transmission with a shudder or harsh judder at take off.. this Xado product may fix that shuddering & we have used this in Honda Jazz,...

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  • XADO EX120 for Diesel Engines

    XADO EX120 for Diesel Engines Xado for diesel engines is a unique product that uses true nano technology to rebuild and protect friction surfaces within the diesel engine. We have used this product in our own vehicles with demonstrated results. Xado...

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  • XADO EX120 for Fuel Injector Pumps

    XADO for Fuel pumps This Xado product has been specially designed for use in vehicles that run a high pressure fuel pump. Does your truck or ute emit black smoke, lose power or just feel tired? This Xado product has been designed for repairing and...

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  • XADO EX120 for Manual Gearboxes

    XADO EX120 for Gearboxes We recommend this XADO product for ALL manual gearboxes and differentials, it should make your gearbox shift smoother and can make your diff quieter. Has been used by us and our staff in cars with notchy and snappy syncro...

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  • Xado EX120 for Petrol Engines

    XADO EX120 for Petrol Engines

    XADO EX120 for Petrol Engines Xado Revitalizant rebuilds, repairs, and protects engine metal in all types of gasoline and natural-gas powered vehicles, including turbocharged and supercharged engines. Extreme Action 120% repairs scratches and wear...

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  • Xado EX120 for Power Steering Systems

    XADO EX120 for Power Steering Systems

    XADO EX120 for Power Steering Excellent for power steering racks in all cars and works very well in cars, vans and trucks with power steering boxes! What does it do? Removes pump howl and noise induced by wear Reduces steering effort to give...

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  • Xado EX120 Moto for small engines

    XADO EX120 Moto for small engine

    XADO Revitalizant EX120 MOTO XADO nano technology is designed for anti-wear protection and restoration of 4-stroke engines with a cc rating of 1000cc or less. This Xado product is specially formulated to provide extreme wear protection and restoration...

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