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XADO Fluids

It's not just all XADO additives, we also have a good range of other XADO premium automotive products such as anti freeze, transmission oils & fluids, hydraulic oils, brake fluids etc.

XADO automotive fluids are at the upper edge of quality and technology and actualy give you more performance & relaibility for your dollar spend, after all why would you put cheap low quality fluids in your car!?

Take a good look through the range and let us know if there's something you need that we don't have listed.

XADO really is the premier automotive fluids manufacturer.

  • Xado anti freeze BLUE BS

    Xado Anti freeze Blue BS

    Xado Super Concentrated BLUE Anti Freeze Concentrated XADO anti freeze BLUE BS Prevents foaming and bubbles in cooling system Safe for aluminium, synthetic and rubber materials Compatible with all BLUE anti freeze products Concentrate *1-litre...

    NZ$23.00 - NZ$57.95
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  • XADO Synthetic Brake Fluid

    XADO Synthetic DOT-4 brake fluid. Suitable for all vehicles that require DOT-5.1 or lower (eg DOT-3) brake fluid.. this is a PREMIUM SYNTHETIC brake fluid made by Xado. Complies with: Dot-4 FMVSS-116 SAE-J-1703 ISO 4925 BMW 9368 VW...

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