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Stop Leak

Atomex and Jet-100 stop leak really works, they are specially formulated by XADO to stop leaks.

If you have a weeping radiator or a pin hole in the cooling system Jet-100 radiator stop leaks works to chemically seal the leak in seconds

The Jet-100 engine stop leak and mnanual gearbox stop leak work by swelling the original seals to help stop leakage between the seal and metal surface.

Atomex engine stop leak is a top of the line engine stop leak that has additives that help restore the elasticity of rubber and vitol seals.

  • Atomex Engine Stop Leak

    ATOMEX Engine Stop Leak

    ATOMEX Stop Leak Engine Engine stop leak oil additive, very high performance European premium product made by XADO that really works! Stops oil leaks from engine seals and prevents it's re-occurrence Restores the elasticity of rubber gaskets &...

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  • Jet-100 Engine stop leak

    Jet-100 Engine Stop Leak

    Jet-100 Engine Stop Leak XB41095 Great product made by XADO, it works! Fully synthetic product. Effectively stops engine rubber oil seals weeping and leaking, will not dilute or change engine oil viscosity and will not damage internal engine...

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