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Small Engine Oil

Small two and four stroke engines also get the benefit of XADO revitalizant when you use one of the high performance oils made speacially for these smaller engines

We have a great range of 2-stroke oils that are great for mixing at any ratio and are suitable for eveything from lawn mowers and chain saws to motorcycles and snow mobiles!

Plus we also have the range of XADO 4-stroke oils suitable for wet clutch systems found on a lot of motorcycles and oils that work great in combined engine and gearbox systems found on todays performance small 4-stroke stationary engines.

All of the XADO small engine oil range comes with the famouse revitalizant additive to help combat wear and tear!

  • Xado Atomic 4-stroke oil 10w-40

    Xado Atomic Oil 10W-40 4T-MA 4-Stroke

    Xado Atomic 4-stroke Oil 4T-MA 10w-40 Super synthetic XADO oil for four stroke engines. Suitable for 4-stroke engines in motorycles, scooters etc Specially designed by XADO for modern water or air cooled high performance engines Suitable for...

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  • Xado 2T 2-stroke synthetic oil

    Xado Atomic Oil 2T-FC 2-Stroke

    Xado 2-Stroke Engine Oil 2T-FC High performance XADO 100% fully synthetic 2 stroke ultra high performance engine oil. You won't find anything better for use with all 50:1 2-stroke engines   Specially designed by Xado for high performance 2...

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  • Xado Atomic Oil 4T-MA 10W-60

    Xado Atomic Oil 4T-MA 10w-60 4-Stroke

    Xado 4-stroke Engine oil 10w-60 4T-MA  Ultra high performance 4-stroke engine oil Specially designed for modern high reving air and water cooled motorcycles High viscousity for extra strength oil film Very low consumption formula Contains...

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