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Probably one of the most common lubricants in a can found in the boot of your car or in any workshop.

XADO and ANYWAY spray lubricants displace water, un seize nuts and bolts and lubricate sliding surfaces, they can also be used as a rust inhibitor when storing tools and garnen equipment such as shears and hedge clippers etc.

These work the sames as CRC or WD40, however, uniquie to the XADO and ANYWAY branded spray lubricants it also contains revitalizant so it protects and reduces wear!

  • Mottec Chain grease made by XADO

    MOTTEC Universal Chain Grease

    Mottec Chain Grease 150ml Aerosol Made by XADO, effectively greases chains, contains revitalizant to help combat wear Great for Bikes, Scooters and Motor Cycle chains Works on Chain saws Contains XADO revitalizant for wear protection Contains...

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  • Very-Lube Professional Penetrating Oil

    Very-Lube Profesional grade Lubricating penetrating Oil 500ml Aerosol Made by XADO Proffesional use high performance lubricating penetrating oil. Un-sticks rusted bolts and hinges stops squeaks and squels can remove tar spots from...

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