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XADO makes their automotive grease with a difference, it contains the famous revitalizant additive so while it lubricates it's also helping to repair wear and reduce the chance of any further wear and damage.

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  • Mottec Chain grease made by XADO

    MOTTEC Universal Chain Grease

    Mottec Chain Grease 150ml Aerosol Made by XADO, effectively greases chains, contains revitalizant to help combat wear Great for Bikes, Scooters and Motor Cycle chains Works on Chain saws Contains XADO revitalizant for wear protection Contains...

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  • Xado Grease for CV Joints

    Xado Grease for CV Joints

    Xado Grease for CV Joints The best grease for CV joints  The properties of this XADO grease surpass those of any other grease containing molybdenum disulfide. Formulated to a unique cocrystalised technology based on a complex lithium-calcium...

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