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Gel Pack Additive

XADO Gel products are excellent if you need to repair or restore your engine, gearbox or transmission!

The gel range is the raw "revitalizant" in a squeeze tube, this is the most intensive product in the XADO range and is excellent for worn engines etc.

We also have XADO gel gift packs avaialble at a very good price... have a look!

  • VeryLube TURBO Metal Conditioner

    VERYLUBE Metal Conditioner for TURBO engines! VERYLUBE TURBO metal conditioner is specially designed for use in turbo charged and supercharged petrol or diesel combustion engines. it is a fully synthetic concentrated multi component product, formulated...

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  • Xado gel for petrol engines 3-pack

    XADO Gel Diesel 3-stage gift pack

    Xado Gel revitalizant Value pack XA10202 Contains a complete treatment of three 9-ml tubes of XADO gel revitalizant plus a catalogue & Xado key ring! This is our BEST value pack, a full treatment at great price! Benefits of this product fuel...

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  • Xado Gel for Cylinder repair

    XADO Gel for Cylinder Repair

    XADO Low Compression Fixer XA12105 You can treat low compression in each cylinder or only one or two cylinders, no waste! Benefits of XADO Gel for Cylinders Ability to treat separate cylinders restoration of cylinder geometry Helps correct...

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  • Xado Gel for petrol engines 3-pack

    XADO Gel Petrol 3-stage gift pack

    Super value Xado Gel Pack XA10201 A complete treatment system that contains three 9-ml tubes of XADO gel revitalizant. The treatment takes approximately 1,500km to complete, and is in three stages, that's why this pack has the three tubes, full...

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