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Fuel System

The fuel system of your vehicle is all important, you dont want to waste or use any more fuel than you have to and you dont want to lose performance either.

We stock Jet-100 petrol injector and fuel system cleaners that remove and clear injector blockages that may be present, we also have this product for diesel vehicles.

You should use an injector cleaner in your petrol or diesel powered car at least once every 10,000km to keep your fuel system at peak performance levels.

The Atomex energy drive fuel system booster is a premium product that really makes cars go and drive better with more responsive feel and smoother acceleration, it's brilliant in older and classic cars as it reduces "pinging" and raises octane values.

  • Atomex Energy Drive octane Booster

    Atomex Energy Drive Octane Booster

    Ultra High Performance XADO Product This XADO product has been specially developed to boost octane in petrol powered cars. Atomex Energy Drive is a high-performance product that provides a complex solution for achieving maximum engine power through...

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  • Atomex Multi Petrol Injector Fuel Cleaner

    Atomex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner. No matter how well your vehicle is maintained, even under normal operating conditions the fuel system and fuel injectors can get contaminated with deposits. These deposits reduce engine power, increases fuel...

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  • Very Lube Ultra Petrol Injector Cleaner

    Very Lube Ultra PETROL Injector cleaner XB30004 This is a very high quality Xado product which is great for petrol fuel injected and carburetted engines… Removes deposits from petrol fuel injectors and carburetor jets Keeps fuel...

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  • Very Lube Petrol Octane Booster

    Verylube Petrol Octane Booster

    VERYLUBE Petrol Ocatane Booster High performance Petrol fuel octane Booster made by XADO, simply pour into your fuel tank before filling. One 250ml can is enough for 60-liters of fuel. Can increase octane rating by 5~6 units Eliminates detonation...

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