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Engine Semi Synthetic Oil

XADO offers a good range of performance semi synthetic engine oils for day to day driving and also for vehicles that have longer oil change intervals.

The XADO range of semi synthetic motor oils all have the added benefit of have the revitalizant additive, so not only do you get a premium enginge oil but you gett the XADO advantage!

Again XADO oils are the premium oil brand for your car, truck, van or ute.

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    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 CI-4 Diesel

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 CI-4 Diesel

    Xado Diesel Engine Oil 10W-40 CI-4 Top-grade semi-synthetic oil for diesel engines in passenger cars as well as heavy and light duty trucks Contains Xado’s famous Revitalizant! Advantages Specially designed by Xado for diesel...

    NZ$19.95 - NZ$69.95
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  • XADO 10w-40 Engine Oil

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-40 SL/CI-4 Max Drive

    XADO Atomic Oil 10w-40 SL/CI-4 Max Drive  A Super Semi-synthetic Ultra Premium XADO Atomic engine oil with extreme high performance properties, contains XADO revitalizant so it effectively adds a special anti wear layer that helps reduce friction...

    MSRP: NZ$64.95
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