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Engine Full Synthetic Oil

This is the high performance range of XADO fully synthetic engine oils, these oils are available for modern vehicles that demand synthetic motor oils.

The range includes long life oils now found in the latest European, Japanese and American cars!

The entire range of Xado fully synthetic oils come with the famous revitalizant additive to help control wear at cold start up, start stop city driving and running at high speeds with increased engine temperatures and reduced tolereances.


  • Xado Atomic Oil 10w-60 Synthetic

    Xado Atomic Oil 10w-60 Rally Sport

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 10W-60 Rally Sport Top grade Xado synthetic SL ultra high performance racing motor oil Contains Revitalizant! Advantages: Specially developed by Xado for extreme operational conditions during rallies, track and road...

    MSRP: NZ$99.95
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    Xado Atomic Oil 5w-30 SM/CF

    Xado Atomic Oil 5w-30 SM/CF Nova Drive

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 5W-30 SM/CF Nova Drive Ultra modern easy flowing synthetic motor oil Contains Xado’s famous revitalizant Advantages: This XADO oil has the highest American specification of engine oils for petrol engines API-SM, it is...

    NZ$24.95 - NZ$69.95
  • Xado 5w-40 SM/CF Eco-Drive 5-Liter

    Xado Atomic Oil 5w-40 SM/CF 5-Liter

    Xado Atomic Oil 5W-40 SM/CF  Ultramodern XADO synthetic motor oil API SM Contains Atomic Revitalizant. Xado Atomic Oil 5W-40 SM/CF is a multi grade synthetic motor oil of extra high quality. The oil is formulated with mid SAPS technology (mid...

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    XADO Atomic Oil 5w-50 SL/CF

    Xado Atomic Engine Oil 5W-50 SL/CF Street Racing Full synthetic motor oil with excellent performance level Contains Atomic Revitalizant. Xado Atomic Oil 5W-50 SL/CF is a multi-grade fully synthetic motor oil for engines operating under...

    NZ$19.95 - NZ$69.95
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