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Cleaners & Degreasers

If you need to degrease your cars engine and transmission or clean an oil stain of your drive way then you need a product that works, squeaky brakes or need to clean dirt and grime off your brake calipers or drum... same thing, you need what ever you use to work with minimum effort!

Very-Lube Brake cleaner and Very-Lube engine and transmission cleaner works first time everytime.. another premium product from Xado.

  • Very Lube Brake cleaner

    Very-Lube Brake Cleaner

    VeryLube Brake Cleaner Made by XADO, this Brake cleaner works very well, safe for brake rubber seals. Advantages Powerful pressurised can to get the spray to hard to get places Removes dust, grease and other brake contaminants Can also be used to...

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  • Very Lube Engine Degreaser

    Very-Lube Engine Degreaser

    VeryLube Engine Degreaser Quality product made by XADO and available from us Powerful pressurised can to get the spray to hard to get places, removes dust, grease, oil and other contaminants from the engine and engine bay area, also suitable for spot...

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