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Brake Fluid

When you need to stop, you have to stop!

XADO makes a very high quality premium fully synthetic barke fluid thast gets the job done, synthetic means it has a higher boiling point and is less likely to absorb moisture plus it lasts longer between brake fluid replacement periods, & yes you should change your brake fluid periodically!

Get the best brake fluid, buy XADO fully synthetic brake fkuid from us


  • XADO Synthetic Brake Fluid

    XADO Synthetic DOT-4 brake fluid. Suitable for all vehicles that require DOT-5.1 or lower (eg DOT-3) brake fluid.. this is a PREMIUM SYNTHETIC brake fluid made by Xado. Complies with: Dot-4 FMVSS-116 SAE-J-1703 ISO 4925 BMW 9368 VW...

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