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Anti Freeze

Apart from oil, anti freeze with rust inhibitors is the most critically important fluid that you have in your vehicles engine, if you have old antifreeze in your engine you are asking for trouble.

Antifreeze should be changed at least every two years, not doing so can lead to corrosion of the engines cooling system leading to overheating and eventually engine and cooling system failure!

XADO antifreeze comes with rust inhibitors and also contains the famous revitalizant additive to help lubricate the water pump, we have the green and blue antifreeze available and it's sold as a concentrate so you get more for your dollar.

  • Xado anti freeze BLUE BS

    Xado Anti freeze Blue BS

    Xado Super Concentrated BLUE Anti Freeze Concentrated XADO anti freeze BLUE BS Prevents foaming and bubbles in cooling system Safe for aluminium, synthetic and rubber materials Compatible with all BLUE anti freeze products Concentrate *1-litre...

    NZ$23.00 - NZ$57.95
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