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1-Stage Additive

The 1-Stage additive range of XADO supreme additives are the ultimate in engine wear protection and restoration.

XADO 1-Stage is just that, a single  one stage,  one time, engine, gearbox or transmission treatment that really works!

There's a XADO one stage product in our huge range just right for the job you need it to do, from lawn mowers to the largest truck we have a XADO one stage product to protect your investment.

XADO is not just an oil additive, it's a unique non teflon product that actually provides a restoritive to worn internal engine and transmission parts, XADO works.

  • VeryLube TURBO Metal Conditioner

    VERYLUBE Metal Conditioner for TURBO engines! VERYLUBE TURBO metal conditioner is specially designed for use in turbo charged and supercharged petrol or diesel combustion engines. it is a fully synthetic concentrated multi component product, formulated...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Gearbox

    Xado for larger Manual gearboxes. Brilliant in trucks, campers, tractors, diggers etc Xado nano-technology at it's best and available from us online or from our walk in store in Onehunga New Zealand. Advantages Restores, protects and strengthens...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Magnum 90ml for Trucks

    XADO 1-Stage for Trucks Premium Xado Gel-Revitalizant for diesel trucks designed for restoring and repairing engine internals and wear prevention.  Easily applied, just squeeze contents into the oil filler of the engine, no need to change oil,...

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  • XADO 1-Stage Maximum

    Premium TOP OF THE RANGE product by Xado This is a revolutionary ALL IN ONE three stage engine oil treatment that rebuilds metal, reduces friction, and lubricates engine parts. Maximum 1-Stage oil additive contains 100% (RF100) of the active nano...

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  • Xado 1-Stage Maximum SUV

    XADO 1-Stage Maximum SUV

    Xado 1-Stage MAXIMUM SUV! This is the BIG 360ml bottle specially developed for larger engines that hold up to 10-litres of engine oil. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines! A multifunctional premium XADO oil additive with no mess or waste...

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  • Xado Highway Atomic metal Conditioner

    XADO Highway Atomic metal Conditioner

    Xado Highway Atomic Metal Conditioner This XADO product is an engine treatment designed for use during every oil change. Highway rebuilds worn metal, reduces friction, and protects treated metal from future wear. This a special TOP-UP that we...

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  • XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck 1-Stage

    XADO special MAXIMUM for DIESEL TRUCKS A new and improved 3-component 3rd generation 1-Stage XADO additive exclusively for use in large trucks! Specially designed for large volume turbocharged diesel engines operating in high loaded modes For Diesel...

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  • XADO Maximum Twin Turbo 1-Stage

    XADO Multi functional oil additive ATOMIC metal conditioner MAXIMUM TWIN TURBO This XADO special addition 1-stage 360ml is a limited addition to our XADO range Premium 1-Stage XADO product that restores and protects TURBO engines in cars and high...

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